The Clothing of the Guilty

The Shirt for Regin’s Anvil

Completely hand-stitched dress shirt made from shuttle loom cotton

Construction time: 165 hours

The Clothing of the Guilty: The Trousers for Deep Pockets and Short Arms

Completely Hand-Stitched Denim Waist Overalls:
Size: Waist: 32 Length: 40
Denim: 12.5 oz Cone Mills Red Line Selvedge
Made using the complete bolt width (no rear or front seams)
Features: single piece fly, waist-cinch, oak buttons and hand-bound buttonholes
Construction time: 97 hours

The Clothing of the Guilty: The Shawl of Lies

Made from shuttle loom wool given to Cameron’s mother whilst doing aid work in Afghanistan in 2001

The Clothing of the Guilty: The Jacket of Chris Hani

Completely Hand-Stitched Denim Jacket:

Denim: 11oz deadstock red line selvedge

Features zinc buttons with rampant lions, undercollar padstitched with French canvas, felled seams all round and bias-bound armholes

Construction time: 312 hours

Every stitch done by Cameron Foden

Made in Antwep, Belgium

The Clothing of the Guilty: The Trousers of Tom Robinson

Completely Hand-Stitched Selvedge Jeans:
Size: Waist: 31 Length: 34 (adjustable rear seam allows for waist 29 to 34)
Made from 12oz Sanforized Japanese Denim from Nihon Mills in the Okayama Prefecture
Selvedge belt loops and coin pocket
Oak Buttons with hand-sewn buttonholes
Hand embroidered name tags sewn on over-dyed cobalt cotton
Hand written lyric on pocketing by John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats from “Deianara Crush”.
Pocketing quality made from Military deadstock linen bedsheet dated 1966

Every stitch done by hand by Cameron Foden
Construction time: 105 hours of spare time outside of the Antwerp Academy over the course of 3 months

Made in Antwerp, Belgium

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